Christmas Trees

Choose-n-Cut Christmas trees start the SATURDAY after Thanksgiving (November 25th, 2023) and are available as long as they last. We have Fraser Fir trees available for Choose-n-Cut in our fields and pre-cut Fraser Fir trees as well. We have a VERY LIMITED number of Douglas Fir trees available this season.

For Christmas trees during the 2023 season, we will REQUIRE all customers to make RESERVATIONS to be admitted to the Christmas tree plantation to cut a tree from the field OR to the area to select a pre-cut tree between Saturday, November 25th and Friday, December 1st, 2023.  If you are interested in selecting/getting your Christmas tree on Saturday, December 2nd or at a later date there are no reservations required and you are welcome to simply show up to pick your 2023 Christmas tree – while supplies last.  

Our reservation site will be open on Monday, November 13th, 2023 around 5/6pm EST.


Before you make a reservation, we want to give you a little information on how Christmas tree reservations will work.

Do I really need a reservation? Yes, to get a Christmas tree (whether pre-cut or Choose-n-cut) you will need a reservation for the time period between November 25th to December 1st.  Reservations will be by tree.  One reservation = one Christmas Tree. If you are planning on getting 2 (or more) trees, you will need 2 (or more) reservations.

– You do not need a reservation to get a Christmas tree on December 2nd or at a later date – while they last.

– You do not need a reservation to visit our Farm Market or Bakery.  You may come at any time.

– If you are looking to walk through the fields and take pictures, we do have a photography policy and you do need special reservations for that. Please email for details. Of course, while selecting your tree you are welcome to take family pictures but no professional photographers will be allowed in the Christmas tree area at that time.  We expect this time will be a family activity only.

How much is a reservation? The reservation is $39.75 which is a credit towards one tree (plus a small service fee).  There is no limit on the number of people or number of cars per tree as we believe it is usually one family and one car per tree.

What are the operating hours? Wednesdays-Mondays 10am-3:30pm.  The last group will be let out to the field at 3:30pm… we close the fields at 4pm. We may open earlier (like years in the past) on Saturday, November 25th and Sunday, November 26th… please check back in November to confirm. 

How will Wilkens know I made a reservation? Please print out your reservation confirmation email or have it available on your phone when you come to the farm.  You need the number and name of the reservation.  Your entire party will need to be together when you check-in to head out into the Christmas tree fields. We will confirm your reservation there prior to entering the field.

How do I make a reservation? Click on the link above to make your reservation. The reservation payment will be collected at that time. If you do not see a link at this time, it will be live starting Monday, November 13th, 2023.

What if I need to cancel my reservation? Any cancellations prior to “48 hours in advance” of your reservation will be eligible for a refund. Any cancellations after “48 hours in advance” of the reservation time will not be eligible for a refund.

What if I need to change my reservation? You are able to change your reservation up until 48 hours prior to your time slot.  You  need to log back into the reservation site to do so and select an available time slot.  Information will be provided in your confirmation email on how to make that change. You will be able to use your credit from the prior reservation time for the new reservation time.

What if I do not find a tree the height or size that I’m looking for? We only have a limited number of trees available each year and understand sometimes you are looking for a specific height that may already be sold out by the time you come visit us. In the case when a desired tree is not found you may stop by the Farm Market (Red Barn) PRIOR to leaving the farm to receive a $39.75 refund. We cannot honor a request for the refund after leaving the farm. 

Will you be able to accommodate my special situation since I have a college student that needs to go back to school? While we understand student schedules, at this time we are not able to accommodate someone that may need an earlier reservation that those than are available.  

Christmas Trees – How it works this 2023 Season

  1. Bring you and your family (all together) and your reservation ticket… Dress for the weather!
  2. When you arrive, park in the first parking lot on the right.
  3. At your reservation time, check-in just past the winery – at the fence – and you will be directed towards the Christmas tree area…If you arrive early, you are welcome to wander around the Farm Market and Bakery until your reservation time.
  4. After checking in and confirming your reservation(s) head up towards the Christmas Tree fields. If you want to cut-your-own tree walk out to the designated plantation area. If you are looking for a pre-cut tree, walk over to the pre-cut field area.
  5. Select your Perfect Tree! All trees available for the 2023 season will have a tag on them indicating their approximate height and exact price.
  6. If you want to cut down your own tree your may bring your own handsaw or borrow one from one of our Wilkens workers (in red). If you would like help cutting down your tree, please find a Wilkens worker to cut down the tree for you. If you are purchasing a pre-cut tree, please find a Wilkens worker to remove the selected tree from the post for you.
  7. Rip off the bottom part of the tree tag and keep it to pay and claim your tree later Leave the other half of the tag on the branch attached to the tree. This is VERY IMPORTANT as that is how we know the tree is yours (as we will match the numbers on both parts of the tags).
  8. Bring your tree over to the tractor pick-up area and make sure your tree gets on the tractor wagon (to go into the bailing area) BEFORE you leave the field. The wagon ride is only transportation for the trees. In the pre-cut tree area, make sure your tree is taken off the stake and brought over to the bailing area by a Wilkens worker BEFORE you leave the field.
  9. Once your tree is on the wagon to the bailing area, walk in with your family to the Farm Market and Bakery area. While we are prepping your tree, you and your family can visit the shops. Also you will need to PAY for your tree in the FARM MARKET – plus you can purchase wreaths or roping.
  10. While you are paying for your tree and enjoying the shops, we will shake (your tree) and bail (wrap your tree with netting) for you.
  11. AFTER you have PAID for your tree, get your car and bring it up to the bailing/loading area to claim your tree. Your TICKET- marked PAID – must be in the car for the car to be allowed to enter the loading area.
  12. If you want any branches taken off or a fresh cut on the stump, please let one of the Wilkens workers know at this time.
  13. You can tie the tree to the top of your car or we can then tie the tree to the top of the car for you. If you have your own rope – we encourage you to bring it – however we can provide some if needed for you to tie to your car roof.
  14. Head home and Have a wonderful Holiday with your Wilkens Christmas Tree^!!

^Be sure to give your Wilkens Christmas tree a fresh cut before putting it in the stand and water at home, and keep water in the stand at all times, but particularly the first 72 hours is crucial! We also recommend putting your Christmas tree up away from a heat source as heat will dry out the needles.

2014-08-24 13.50.23

Fraser Fir Trees
2014-08-24 13.46.03
Douglas Fir Trees

All three markets will be open throughout the entire holiday season!!


The Bakery offers pies, apple cider donuts, cookies, strudel sticks, brownies, muffins, candy, popcorn, brittle, fudge and fancy dipped apples. The Apple Farm Market offers produce, snacks, cider, wreaths, roping, tree stands, decorations, and Gift Baskets. The Country Market offers holiday gifts and crafts, souvenir apparel, Christmas ornaments, and decorations.

Enjoy a free cup of hot apple cider with every tree purchase!